Something I Don't Like In Stories (I'm Not Most Girls)

Whenever I see anything like that I roll my eyes, click away and want to smash my face with a hammer.

Well, that escalated quickly.....

Examples include whenever a girl mentions something sexual or what 'guys like'.

Strip clubs, past sexual experiences including boys and girls. Mentioning they make out with girls.

As a girl, I find that offensive to my species. I don't know who you know or if you think that's cool, but it's not. It is annoying!

Ooh, you go to strip clubs that are meant for men. So what?! So have I. The girls are pretty but you don't ever hear me mention it in real life to guys.

Ooh, you made out with a chick. So have I. But I don't go around saying shit.

There is no way how to explain how much it annoys me to see it in stories. I know you may want your character to seem all hardcore and different, but if that was real life, dudes would tell you to shut the hell up and they won't want you to hang out with them anymore.

So irksome!

Something that also bothers me is when girls refer their girl friends as "bitch, hoe, whore" etc.

Oh god that's so cool, said Alice the Sarcastic Asshole.

The friends I have, I have had for a long ass time. And none of us are like "Hey whore!".

Like gross, bro.... like really gross.

It's not fun.

Please do not make me click away from your awesome story plot cuz you have that in there.

Because no matter how good it is. I will never get past these horrible things.

"I remember one time, Stacy gave Brittany a lap dance and totally tongued her"

"Whoa really?!! I've never heard any attention seeking girl do that!"

"Well, we're not most girls. ;)"

Can I kick someone's dishwasher to death?

This is a no no for me.

Stop it.

Stop with the trashy names you think it's fun and cute to call your friends.

Stop with all the 'trying to make you character awesome by saying she isn't most girls cuz she drank a beer'.

Jesus.... so many dishwashers will die cuz of me...

I'm gonna go eat a popsicle.... I'm getting angry... I need to calm down.

November 9th, 2013 at 05:38am