it took me 6 years...

it took me 6 years to go back to my story "The absent emptiness" and do rewrites and revisions. oh man did it need it. 6 years changes you, your mindset, opinions, morals, principles, and after rereading it, I really didn't like some of the language I used, how rushed it seemed, how little developed it was at parts, the dynamics and interactions between characters was lacking at times or it seemed unrealistic.

So I finally decided, this is the only other story I have completed writing, it needs it, I want to have it read, critiqued, and commented on by not only ppl on this website, but also other people in my job or within my family who enjoy my writing, poetry, good looks, and smarts haha.

if you ever get chance, check some of the rewrites if you've read it before, if you haven't, check it out, just don't read beyond chapter 6, everything after that is under construction still.
November 9th, 2013 at 06:22am