Okay, I'm Back. I Guess. :)

Hey there!

I am...Well. I have had so many usernames on here I can't quite remember what it was when I started out. I know it was sometime back in 2007 so yeah, hey!

I say I am back like I left Mibba for good but I have been lurking about. I just never really had the time nor the effort to write, blog, chat or anything that involved any sort of communication.

The years since 2010-ish have been a bit of a blur and I went on a bit of a soul searching adventure. Still haven't found what I am looking for not that I know what that is either but I guess I have decided to come back to Mibba with a fresh outlook on life and a bit more of a mature attitude.

So here I am! Hello :)

I would like to be able to blog more and make some new friends. I am also looking in to writing again although my attitude to writing has changed and I guess I have become a bit more serious in my work. I am in the middle of planning a new HIM fic featuring the beautiful Ville Valo but it's still in it's baby stages so more news on that when it comes. It's like my little baby at the moment and it still needs a little more nurturing before I let it out in to the world.

I am still getting used to the new Mibba so any guidance on profiles and decorating them would be awesome.

Hello again and please don't be afraid to comment and chat. I don't bite :)

All the best,

Chelsea :D xxx
November 10th, 2013 at 05:32pm