My thoughts on gay marriage:

Banning gay marriage is against the constitution. Its states that we(Americans) have freedom religion. It says in the BIBLE that gay marriage is a SIN. The Bible belongs to the Christian religion so that favoring and following the rules of Christianity, which is NOT giving us freedom of religion. Homosexuality is found in over 400 species but homophobia is found in only 1? So which seems to be a problem? They also say America is home to the brave, free, and EQUAL. America works as a whole and NONE of us are truly equal until ALL of us are equal! I am straight but i was stand for those who've had their rights stolen. Almost everyone falls in love, you can't help it, it just so happens they fell in love with someone of the same sex. Its 2013 people! We shouldn't still discriminate people for who they are. We all have the right to be... the right to be fat, skinny, Christian, Satanic, rich, poor, emo, prep, gay or straight! Now let people express themselves the way you would like to express yourselves. Fight the war of equality.
November 15th, 2013 at 10:57pm