Frerard competition anyone?

I'm just wondering, if I made a frerard themed competition for short stories and one shots, would anyone be interested in entering?

It would be just for short fics with no more than five chapters and one shots and I'd pick song titles as a theme for the stories entered in it. I've only ever entered two the entire time I've been on mibba. The first one I had to write five one shots with a song title but I never got round to finishing the last fic. Woops. The second one I entered was a frerard one by the fabulous RayTorosArmy and I actually fucking won it! Anywayyyy.....

I've always wanted to have a go at making one, but I wasn't sure if anybody would actually ever enter it, sooooo..... just as a quick survey, would any of you lovely people be interested?
November 15th, 2013 at 11:44pm