Story Pet Peeves + Loserville

If any of my story pet peeves offend or upset you, please feel free to say. I'm more than happy to give advice on stories if wanted.

1. Poorly Written Medical Problems.

Your character apparently has very bad athsma but can sprint to a friends house without getting out of breath or needing an inhaler? Your character has cancer yet never has any doctors appointments or has to go to the hospital? Your character has severe mental problems yet they all vanish when they get a girlfriend/boyfriend?

You need to do some decent medical research. It isn't that hard.

2. Links To Images In The Middle Of A Sentence.

I woke up and looked in the mirror. With my brush I fixed my perfect hair. I pulled on my super cool jeans and my indie band t-shirt. Knowing I looked perfect I pulled on my perfect shoes.

If you want to link them that bad, do it in the authors note, like 'oh, click this link to see the clothes'. But in the story, just describe them. That's what writers do.

3. 'Ugly' Girls That Are Still Perfect.

Your character is 'ugly' yet has perfect hair, is skinny but has curves in 'all the right places' (where are these places, btw?), has flawless skin and shiny teeth. Yes, I get it that even people who look like that can be insecure, but it would be so much more interesting to read about a girl who felt ugly because she genuinly had problems with her hair, or she had a skin condition, or acne, or anything, y'know, realistic.


That's all I can think of right now cos I'm tired and ill but trust me there's sooo many more. And if you don't like people talking about things they don't like in stories, that's fine but please don't act like we shouldn't be allowed to share them. I've seen a lot of people acting as if people are horrible for sharing these views but as long as they're not bashing then chill out. It's natural for people to dislike things.


Also, does anyone know the musical 'Loserville'? Because I'm auditioning for a part on Tuesday and I'm super nervous. We have a dance audition, a singing audition and an acting audition and I'm a huge ball of nerves just thinking about it.

Why did I decide to audition for the main part? *sobs*

November 17th, 2013 at 05:11pm