the good and bad things of small boobs.

So.. I'm a pretty insecure person. I mean, that would explain my ED issues and such in the past. So when people at school, especially my supposed friends, make fun of my small chest it kind of hurts. I'm seventeen years old and I am an A38. Personal, I know, but there you go, visualize it.

Yeah, it's small. But I'm a small person so it kind of fits my body type, y'know?

People make fun of me for having small boobs and I'm just.. really upset. It hurts my feelings, I can't choose what kind of boobs I have! I was born this way so I can't help whatever chest size I have. ;-; It just upsets and pisses me off when people give me shit about it. Like, sorry I'm not some girl with big tits?

Besides, I catch guys staring at my boobs all the time, I really don't think most men (or women) don't care. Boobs are boobs, and boobs are great.

the good thing is, I can sleep on my stomach and not really hurt myself. And I don't have back pain from them too, because I know women with bigger boobs tend to have back issues. ^^
November 18th, 2013 at 03:15am