Interview: SorryNotDeadYet

I know that it has been awhile since I last did an interview. I found someone to interview. If there is an author you want me to interview, you can message me or just comment here who you want interviewed. If you want to read an interview already done, you can go here.

I got the chance to interview the wonderful SorryNotDeadYet. She has many wonderful stories. I feel like I shouldn't just list a few, so you can go here and read them. I strongly suggest them all.

Anyways, here is the interview. Enjoy!

1. What's the meaning behind your username?
-The meaning behind my username is basically showing people that I'm not dead yet. People have basically told me to kill myself and that they wish I was dead, well I'm not and don't plan to be.

2. How long have you been on Mibba?
-I've been on mibba for almost two years, it's been an interesting experience.

3. Have you ever used any other website(s)?
-I've used wattpad but my stories ended up getting stolen so I went here, where people are nicer.

4. When did you start writing? Why?
-I started writing when i was 12-13 because it helped me cope with my anxiety. It's the only thing that I really have that calms me down.

5. What are some of your stories and what are they about?
-Most of my stories are slash because I am more comfortable with writing boyxboy for an unknown reason, you can check out my profile for my stories.

6. What's your inspiration for writing?
-I don't know honestly, I just get the the sudden need to write I inspire myself. I sound cocky, sorry.

7. Do you like writing original fiction more? Or do you like to write fan fiction?
-Definitely fan fiction, I like imagining my favorite band member or actor in stories, OC is just too boring to me.

8. What's your favorite fandom to write about?
-Supernatural is definitely my favorite, I am completely in love with it.

9. Do you have any rituals when you write? If you listen to music, what do you listen to?
-I listen to music when I write, I'd say it helps my writing. It depends on the situation I'm writing in but the main things I listen to is Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Motionless In White, Korn, like I said, it depends on my mood.

10. When starting a story, what do you do? Do you use an outline? Or do you just kind of write as you go?
-When I start a story I just write as I go and see how it works out, it'll either go as a rad story or it turns into shit. I've thought about planning what's going to happen or perhaps writing in a notebook before hand that way I won't have writer's block and my readers won't have to suffer.

11. What is your favorite genre to write about?
-My favorite genre is definitely horror and tragedy. I just really like it.

12. What's your least favorite genre to write about?
-I don't really have a least favorite but if I had to choose I would say fantasy, I can't pull it off but great writers on here can, so kudos to them.

13. What's your favorite story to read on here?
-I don't have a favorite, there are too many good stories to choose from!

14. Which of your stories are the most fun to write?
-Previously I had a old account before I deleted it because I was having a really bad time with myself and some people on here it was my very first story with my girlfriend, you know her as AshleyJinxxBiersack. The story is "If I Can Not Have You, Then Nobody Can" it was the funest.

15. Which of your stories are the hardest to write?
-The hardest would have to be "Fatal" I have a huge writer's block right now and I apologize to the readers.

16. Which of your characters is your favorite? Why?
-My favorite band member to write as is Ricky Olson from MIW because I feel I can relate to him a bit.

17. Do you ever run into writer's block? What do you do to get over it?
-I get writer's block a lot. I just write fillers until a idea comes.

18. What's your favorite thing about writing?
-My favorite thing about writing is that I can escape the real world and be put in a world of my own.

19. What is your least favorite thing about writing?
-The least favorite thing about writing is the writers block when I get it.

20. Is there any authors on here that inspire you to write?
-Definitely AshleyJinxxBiersack and AlixTheCreature.

21. Do you research what you write?
-I so a lot of research when I write just to be sure that what I write is right.

22. Do you like to experiment with your writing?
-I do I think it's fun to try new things.

23. Are there any authors that inspire you? (novels, books, etc.)
-Authors that inspire me are Stephen King. He's my all time favorite'

24. What would be your advice to a new author?
-My advice to a new author would be make sure that everything you write makes sense, don't confuse your readers, and don't be a douche.

25. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers?
-To my readers I would like to say, thank you for reading my stories and sticking by me when I was at my shittiest points in life, sorry I may come off as a total bitch sometimes but I'm the kind a person that fears people because I do t want to get hurt. If you ever need someone to talk to you should know that I'm here, I'm a brutally honest person so it you ever need any advice or an opinion I'm here, thanks guys.


I know that I have thanked you before, but it really was an honor getting to interview you.
November 20th, 2013 at 04:46pm