Opinions Needed Please!

* "Ariana" — A simple hedgewitch must team up with a Southern soldier to save her brother from the Northern Lord, who has enslaved him and engineered him into the ultimate weapon against the rest of the world. Fantasy/Romance, Medieval-type setting.

* "Bryan Blackwell" — Town outcast, Lyndsey, must solve a mysterious string of murders to clear her sullied name, but there’s more than corrupted humanity behind the murders in this small town. Paranormal Romance, Northeast U.S. setting.

* "Hillary James" — When her sister is kidnapped by a demon, Hilly must travel across the country with a trio of incompetent demon hunters to save her sister — and the natural world. Paranormal Romance, set primarily in Nevada.

"Element" — Anna Reilly moves to Austin to escape an elusive stalker back home in Sarasota. But when strange things begin to happen around her, Anna wonders if she might have been safer back in Florida. Paranormal Romance, set in Austin, Pennsylvania.

"I Love You (Too Much)" — Julianne, the newest employee at Tanner & Co. law firm, doesn’t think any harm can come from dating the boss’ son, Brian Tanner III. But trouble is exactly what she gets as she learns just how hard dating an up-and-coming lawyer can be. Romance/Drama, set in Huntington Beach, California.

Just a handful of my original fiction story ideas and I can’t decide what to work on first. Some outside opinions would be really nice, if some of you could take the time to read these summaries. So, feedback?

* Not official title
November 21st, 2013 at 08:06pm