You Sneaky .... Wait Till I Get My Hands On You!

Well hello there!

I thought I would have a 1am rant since I have just returned from work and I really do need one!

To give you a bit of background I work in a pub kitchen and we serve food till 11pm. I was on a 4pm till close down tonight with another one of my colleagues who started at five.

It was all going well and I was quite enjoying myself despite being tired until Bob (we'll call him that) decided to pull a sneaky one on me.

I left the kitchen to go to the toilet and on my way back I stopped to talk to the bar staff only to find out that Bob had asked the manager if he could leave at 11pm due to having uni the next day. Well! What a sneaky moo! (Substitute for a more censored word I'd rather use.)

For starters this really annoyed me because it would have meant me closing down the kitchen on my own on a club night (which tends to be a busy night!) and also it annoyed me because if doing a close down was such an issue why did he not discuss it with the kitchen manager at the start of his shift or even before then?!

He always does it to me and it really gets on my tree! If he had come to me and said 'look, I need to go at 11 cause I have uni in the morning, will you be alright closing on your own?' I'd have been a bit more reasonable but because he tried to do it on the sly it really pushed my buttons.

Anyway, it failed because the manager said he had to stay because one person couldn't close on a club night. So what does he go and do; he throws a tantrum!

He refuses to speak to me for the rest of the night and does the whole 'I'll do my half and you do yours!' thing. Then after leaving me to mop the kitchen he buggers off home before I've even finished!

Oh my! Just wait till I see him next time!

It just drives me crazy because he moans that he doesn't get enough hours at work and then always makes excuses as to why he can't do a close down. Grr!

Okay, rant done. I needed to get that off my chest.

Thank you and goodnight :)

November 22nd, 2013 at 02:56am