Lack Of Respect

One of my friends pointed this out to me during my temp ban: There is an astounding lack of respect when stating opinions. Naming things you don't like in stories turns into a bash blog where you needlessly insult anyone who writes something you don't like. You can't say why you like FF or OF without someone saying your opinions aren't fair to both sides. You can't stick up for yourself because then people brand you as trying to cause more trouble. I tend to agree with him considering it's what made me mad in the first place. Some people don't like me saying don't like, don't read. That's okay. But to accuse me of being rude, hostile, immature, or a bad writer as a result pisses me off. You can't win here. You can't do what makes you happy or serves your purpose without making someone else mad or upset, and then you get insulted. It's like watching Larry and Elounor shippers fight and yes I just went there. We're not all going to agree, but this practice of attacking people is just preposterous.
November 22nd, 2013 at 06:42am