I Ship Eminem and M Shadows So Hard.

Is shipping still a thing?

Cuz I ship them. So sexy and amazing. They'd be cute together!

Or maybe Rene from Calle 13 and M Shadows.

Can I ship three people together? Cuz I don't know the rules for shipping... Are there even rules for it?

Wait! What would be their name? It's M Shadows and Eminem and Rene.....

I can't think...

And it seems complicated.

I'm all alone at home and it sucks! My dad is working. My mom is working. My baby sibs are at school. Coco is.... somewhere... And I just got back from school.

I'm scared.... and paranoid..

Does anyone know when the music video for Whore is coming out?

November 22nd, 2013 at 10:24pm