My Opinions on Gay Marriage.

Please keep in mind that these are strictly my own opinions. All forms of criticism are welcomed, but I will not tolerate rudeness. Thank you.


First of all, the topic I'll be speaking about is Gay Marriage. For those of you that have absolutely no idea what that is, it is when two people of the same sex request to be 'joined in union' also known as 'marriage.'

What is so wrong with two people being hopelessly in love with each other? Homosexuality (and bisexuality) are two excellent examples that show every person is unique. So what if Sally loves Jenny, per se. Us all, as the people on this planet, should allow a little respect to be put out as we do with traditional marriage.

Since I live in the United States, this little paragraph will be biased towards the good ol' USA:
Am I the only one that has noticed in the Pledge of Allegiance that the line says: "One nation, under God..." I understand that it was written way back when the Constitution was signed and whatnot, but keeping that line in is showing favoritism to the Catholic/Christian population. Being an Atheist myself, every morning at school when we recite I typically remove my hand from my heart and not say anything. But as the US is showing favoritism to a religion that typically frowns upon gay marriage is not acceptable.

Isn't the Christian Bible written by multiple people? What if one of these writers had a despised-atmosphere towards two of his/her homosexual civilians, and thus changed the Bible for this one reason. Doesn't that mean it isn't actually considered 'wrong' to everyone?

I will also note I understand the older generations usually frown upon gay marriage as well, just because they were raised to think that, "Gay Marriage is wrong."

I am a heterosexual being, but I will side with many of my friends that believe gay marriage is 'to be'. Many of my friends are homosexual, bisexual, and pansexual as well. Is it really going to send you to "Hell" just because you fell in love with someone for who they are, not what they are labeled? It's almost 2014, and the elder generation is coming to a close. Why not show a little leniency towards the Gay community.

Thank you for reading.
November 23rd, 2013 at 07:09pm