How to stop being gay

Okay so let me just say that I am not gay nor am I trying to stop you or anyone else from being gay.

I'm actually writing a story about a young boy struggling with his sexuality and in my story he looks up "How to stop being gay" on Google.

So of course I look it up too just to get a feel of what my lil guy is going through (ya know research blah blah all that) and I'm actually shocked with how many things I've found that will actually tell you how to not be gay anymore.

It was actually quite funny at first because it felt like a joke but as I read more of these articles and watched more of these videos it actually got quite sad. There are so many people out there in the world who are trying to find themselves and here these people are teaching nothing but self hate.

I feel so helpless. I wan't to tell all of these young people out there who are trying to change themselves for the sake of other people that it's not okay for anyone to be told that they're not okay for being themselves. There are kids hating themselves and hurting themselves and killing themselves because if things like this. It's so bad. It's not right.

If I could I'd give every single one of these confused people a hug and rub their backs and tell them that it's perfectly fine to be who they are, I would. And they'll be so happy when they finally accept it and God will still love them and though some people wont be okay with it, there will always be people who are.

It's just so bizarre to me, this search. It's kind of like asking "how to not be black" or "how to not be tall anymore".

I just had to write this somewhere because I started crying when I was reading all of these things. I'm a huge baby. And I love everyone so much I just want everyone to feel loved. It's not fair that the human race can be so cruel sometimes. It's so sucky.
November 24th, 2013 at 05:35am