I still hate my job

There is something that feel's very immoral about my job and the company I work for.
That isn't my only problem but is a big one, I constantly feel guilty about taking people's money and this is fround upon behaviour.
I also hate how far away it is from where I live. I either pay £20 pound (Half a day's wages before tax) to get home or I wait around for two hours to catch the bus, I've waited long but I managed to get some overtime today.
I hate that the managers seem to have no respect for the staff.
I hate that the customers have no respect for the staff.
I hate being called mean names all night and being threatened or openly perved on. It's just something else about the job that makes me feel uincomfortable.
I'm applying for other jobs but I can't find anything.
I also hate that I don't get sick pay and how useless I fell when I come back from any time off.
I hate how I have to be trained and have a lisence to do my minimum wage job but the waitress's get double their money in tips, which is more than I get anyway. I hate that the waitresses get drinks and half the time we don't even get water in the staff room, which by the way is disgusting.
I hate that the manager couldn't be bothered to do my appraisal so I probably won't get a bonus or a chance to tell them why I hate it here.
It's just very very unfair.
November 24th, 2013 at 08:25am