Good Ol' Fashioned Kidnap!Fic

Yes, I'm doing it too. One of them will feature Jaime Preciado being kidnapped by his bass tech, which will basically be a male self-insert because I consider that fine Latino ass to be mine. One will feature Zacky Baker kidnapping Brian Haner in a twisted effort to make Brian fall in love with him. And the third will feature Derek Fowler, my OMC (read mine not yours not for fair use ever at all even to halt world hunger) being kidnapped during the bank heist in King For A Day. Most of you know Derek as dating Andy Biersack or Christofer Drew but the son of a bitch has changed his mind and wants to remain with Vic forevermore. Control over original characters my fat white ass. Derek is just beyond a cunt at this point but he gets Vic. I also might be in it. I haven't decided yet. We shall see. But lord I don't even write Synacky but the plot was too beautiful.
November 26th, 2013 at 04:19am