I saw avenged last night in Manchester and they were fucking amazing! It was my second time seeing them and me and my boyfriend drove 4 hours from Scotland to see them, stayed at a hotel for the night and now I'm back home.

And let me tell you it was worth and the travelling and money! They truly outdid themselves last night and I can honestly say it was THEE best gig I've been to. They not only sound so perfect and flawless live but they put on an epic show. Oh my god I just love them so much they're so amazing. Oh my god they played Fiction too for Jimmy and I got a bit emosh but it was so incredible!

Device cancelled the tour because of something to do with one of them having baby? I think, so this other band called Avatar played who were from Sweden. They were so nice but I didn't like they're music too much but 5FDP played after them and were amazing too, damn Ivan's voice is so powerful!

Anyway, it was an amazing show and was well worth the money and travelling so I recommend anyone who likes them to go see them because urghhh so good!

In other news have you people checked out a new co-write I'm in featuring all the A7X boy as nerds! kind of like the big bang theory? Its only started has two chapters up and I'll be last out of the five of us to update as we all have a guy each. My guy is Matt so I'm really excited to get started :) Its really funny so go check it out! Talk Nerdy To Me
December 1st, 2013 at 06:40pm