As it turns out...

Being banned was really nice.
I actually enjoyed the hell out of it.

My boyfriend decided to take me out for some christmas shopping to get rid of my pent up rage. So he let me lose on the stores with his money :) I got two fluffy as fuck pillows, and I got a new book but I can't read it until christmas. xD

We then went to his mothers, where I got drunk with his mother, and she ordered me to get pregnant by her son, and give her a grandchild so she can spoil it. He then tried to tell her she wanted to wait until we were stable money wise, to which she replied "fuck that shit for a joke" Hahaha.

I love his family. Seriously, they are so perfect.

I miss my daughter though, she's at her dad's (he has her today), so I don't get her back until the morning. But that's okay because....

Yes, my kitty gave birth to four little kitten's the other night. They are so goddamn cute I just wanna squeeze them till they pop -swoon-

On a terrible note; r.i.p Paul Walker, you sexy bastard :(
December 2nd, 2013 at 08:06am