My Mibba Is Not Your Mibba

A lot of people have said that Mibba is dead, but I'm not seeing it. My little home here is very much alive. My favorite authors update, I talk to people every day, and otherwise I have a good time. I'm not seeing this death everyone is talking about. I mean, the writing is fine from where I am. Maybe the forums aren't constantly updated anymore, but it is a writing website so pick and choose your battles. A lot of people have supposedly left but I must not have known any of them because I've only known a few people to leave. Mibba is fine. There might be some errors but there aren't crazy staff or weird rules or thousands of stories being deleted after ten consistent years of not giving a fuck. Perhaps I benefit from living in the world of bandom where everything is beautiful, everything hurts, and a handful of people assume you must be a stupid thirteen-year-old fangirl to write it despite the quality of your prose. But you know, God forbid anything nice gets said about the site... Time for some Jahvie!
December 2nd, 2013 at 10:28am