Let Us Talk About Frozen

There will be no spoilers within this blog, but I cannot guarantee anything about the comments. Reading the comments should be done at your own risk.

I finally saw Frozen.

I have been dying all week to see this movie and I’m so happy that I could finally see it. I was really looking forward to watching it and I can say that it didn’t disappoint. I liked it. Sure, the movie wasn’t as good as other recent releases from Disney. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie. The movie is amazing, I loved it and I think a lot of you would as well. It’s definitely worth a watch.

To be honest with you, I was crying ten minutes into the movie. What? I'm a crybaby, okay? I'm an overly emotional person and I'm not scared to admit that. I cry during movies all the time. Disney movies make me cry all the time. I can't tell you what specifically had me crying as it'll ruin the movie but what I can tell you is that it was the reason Elsa was forced to become queen. If you've watched the movie, you'll probably know what it was. The end of the movie got me crying as well.

I have been looking forward to Frozen for a very long time. The more we knew about it, the more I wanted to see it. To be honest, the entire reason I wanted to see Frozen was because I knew it would be a sisterly love story. It wasn’t going to be a straight romance like so many other princess movies. Instead, it was going to focus on the bond between sisters and that’s what I wanted to see.

Disney has only done one other sister movie and that was Lilo and Stitch. But the thing about that was that Lilo and Nani were so far apart in age and Nani was raising Lilo. It was a sweet story but for me, it wasn’t too relatable. So when I found out that Disney was going to do another sister movie but this time about adult-aged sisters who were close in age, I was really excited to see what they would do with it. And I’m not disappointed. Disney pulled it off so well.

In a way, the relationship between Anna and Elsa reminds me of my own relationship with my sister. I do have an older sister and I’m not sure how many of you know that. I don’t talk about my sister very often because she’s not a pleasant subject for me. When we were younger, my sister and I were very closer. Practically inseparable even. But as we grew older, my sister started to change. I don’t even know what happened, but she stopped wanting to be around me. I went from being her little sister to being just another annoyance to her.

Now that the two of us are both adults, she seems to be acting nicer towards me. In a way, our inability to reconcile is my fault. I find it hard to forgive her. My own sister made my life a living hell. She said and did horrible things to me, and it’s hard to learn to forgive her for that. The absolute worst thing she ever said to me was when she looked at me and told me she wished I didn’t exist. I haven’t forgotten that day and I don’t think I ever will. Do you have any idea how much that hurts? So it’s my fault. I’ve shut her out emotionally and I won’t let her back in. It's not that easy to just forgive and forget something like that.

But that’s why I wanted to see Frozen. From the trailers, the relationship between Anna and Elsa hit home very hard for me. Watching the movie, it reminded me even more of my own sister. I just wish the two of us could have the same happy ending that Anna and Elsa got.

Ahem. Anyway… My favorite song? Let it Go. Hands down, the best song in the entire film. I love both versions of the song, the one sung by Elsa and the one sung by Demi Lovato. Both of them are so filled with emotion and that’s why I love them. But if I had to choose which version I preferred more, I think I would choose Elsa’s version. In my opinion, Elsa’s voice actress puts more heart and emotion into her character. Demi puts a lot of emotion into the song as well, but you can feel more of it in the version Elsa’s actress did. I also really liked For the First Time in Forever.

I liked most of the music in Frozen, just like always. Disney is not just amazing at their animation and storytelling; they’re also amazing at their music. However, there was one song I didn’t like and it was Olaf’s song about summer. I’m sorry but I don’t like it. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Maybe a few listens will help me like it but right now, I really just don’t.

My favorite character is Elsa. And that’s probably because I can relate to Elsa so much. I kind of wish Elsa was the main princess instead of Anna. I like Anna but I felt like Elsa got more depth to her character than Anna did. Anna is a good character but she didn’t get as much depth as she could have gotten. I can relate to Elsa a lot and I think a lot of people can. Elsa is misunderstood and chased away. In my opinion, Elsa has suffered much more than any other Disney princess has. She’s lived her entire life in isolation, so scared of herself that she won’t let anyone else come around her, not even her own sister. She lived her entire life in emotional agony.

For people concerned about him, Olaf wasn’t a bad character actually. I thought he’d be another annoying sidekick but actually, he wasn’t that annoying. He was pretty much there for comedic relief, but he brought the good kind of comedic relief. He was a really good character and probably one of the better sidekicks that Disney has created. I liked Kristoff too. I liked him because of his character. He starts off as very rough and hostile but as the movie goes along, we find out who he really is. He’s like Elsa, he’s another very relatable character.

My favorite scene in the movie is the performance of Let it Go. It was beautifully animated and amazingly sung. It was probably one of the more beautiful parts of the movie and it really showcased Elsa’s powers very well. Another one of my favorite scenes was when Anna “deals with” Hans. I don’t really want to say in specific because it spoils something major about the movie but the scene made me laugh so hard. It was so small but probably one of the funniest parts about the movie… In my opinion.

The animation was stunning, just as I’d expect from Disney. From the characters to the setting to the little details, it was all so well done. Even the smallest things like the snowflake had attention to detail. It’s a very wonderfully and beautifully animated movie.

What I didn’t like about it? I wish the movie had more scenes in Elsa’s ice palace. I would have liked them to show more about how Elsa was feeling as she hid herself away in there. That’s my biggest complaint about the movie, that it didn’t show much of Elsa alone in her ice palace. I know a lot of people complained that there wasn’t more romance in the movie, but I liked that. The fact is Frozen is not about the love story. It’s about the sister story. It’s a movie about the bond between sisters, not about romance.

Has anyone else seen Frozen? If not, you should definitely see it. It’s amazing.
December 4th, 2013 at 12:55am