Please don't associate everything with religion. Thank you very much.

Can I rant a bit? I try not to do it much, but I feel as if I’m entitled to rant a bit.

We’re watching Who Wants To Be a Millionaire with Cedric the Entertainer and the question that was asked is: In China, Buddhists were banned from to Tibet for doing what?, and one of the choices was reincarnating. (That was also the correct answer, how I don’t know.)

My mom decided to share her opinion and said, “I believe in reincarnation because if humans were created the dirt, and you decompose back into dirt, then people are basically reincarnated.”
And I shook my head, disagreed with her, saying, “It doesn’t work like that. Humans aren’t created like that from dirt. They’re reproduced.”

“See, that’s why you need to go to church. God made Adam from the dirt. You two (my brother and I) know nothing about God and church.”

And that’s what upsets me. Don’t tell me I’m wrong on an opinionated topic. Don’t tell me that I’m wrong about something that you can’t prove. It’s already proven that people are reproduced from “baby making” otherwise known as “sex,” but can you really prove that people were constructed and molding from dirt like a freakin’ clay vase.

I just wish they’d quit tying religion into everything. I will respect your beliefs, but don’t tell me that I’m wrong about something opinionated when the only thing you can use to back up your information is a piece of literature. I’ve already made my decision on religion. I’ve chose not to get involved with it because none of it makes sense. Now, if you can tell me that organisms are reincarnated because their souls still linger and move onto a new body, well, then, maybe I’ll listen to your argument because neither of us can prove that as of today.


Have a nice night/day every one.
December 4th, 2013 at 01:20am