Join my Christmas Fan-Fic Contest? // Comment Swap // BRINGING BACK A NEW STORY HOLLA

okay before I start (I mean REstart) can I just say I HATE the ads on this damn website. I was almost done writing this freaking blog and then boom - accidentally clicked on an ad. WHY THE HELL DOES IT NOT OPEN UP IN A SEPARATE PAGE LIKE NORMAL WEBSITES? I lost my whole blog..ugh. I hate this.


Okay so, be a saint or whatever and join my Christmas Fan-Fiction Contest. There's three spots open:

-Breaking Bad
-Pretty Little Liars

COME ON JOIN i WANT TO READ SHOTS FOR ALL OF THEM. It doesn't even have to be happy. You can kill people, break hearts, break laws. You know, be creative. Blow up the earth or something. I don't really care, just make it good. The deadline is December 25th - CHRISTMAS.



Seriously, come on. Last time I asked for a comment swap, nobody was interested. SOMEONE SWAP WITH ME. I literally just put the second chapter up. Like right before I typed this sentence. So, if you want to swap I will swap with either 2 one-shots or I'll read 2 chapters of your story.

ok thanks. Be a champ and comment swap.


Also, I might be bringing This back. Because I enjoyed writing it.

ok bye.
December 4th, 2013 at 05:34pm