Five Essential Albums of 2013

AP released their list of the ten essential albums of the year. For the most part, I agreed. There were some I didn't agree with, some I hadn't listened to, and one that wasn't there that made me hate the list. But, I digress. These are the five essential albums of 2013 that come from my humble opinion.

5. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots

I listened to these guys because I heard they were opening for Fall Out Boy at the concert I was going to. Then, I found myself listening to the rest of their album. Words can't describe how ridiculously good they were, I felt those damn drum beats in my chest. They're wicked good, I recommend this album and band to anyone.

4. Sempiternal by Bring Me the Horizon

I wasn't crazy about Shadow Moses when it first came out. I did like the MGS reference, but I was really getting tired of the sound. You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying. The rest of the album was a pleasant surprise. And the Snakes Start to Sing and House of Wolves are just amazing songs, and really, I'm so happy for this album. I can honestly say it's their best.

3. Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! by Panic! At the Disco

Despite being a really good album, the title is too long. I've already talked about this more than I should have, but I think the reason why I liked this album so much is because it was a nice surprise and it showed me that Panic! is still cool. I didn't like Miss Jackson when it first came out because it was too different and I thought they were just cashing it in with the song. It grew on me, This is Gospel was freaking amazing, and the rest of the album was too. I didn't like Vices & Virtues that much, but this was much better and this feels like 2005 me listening to them for the first time all over again.

2. Save Rock & Roll by Fall Out Boy

When I heard Fall Out Boy was back, I flipped. I had already resigned to he idea that they were never getting back together and so this was an amazing surprise. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark was awesome and I was so stoked. It's different, yeah, but who gives? Not me. I still love them. And I like this.

Don't get mad at me for mentioning this album for the thousandth time this year.

1. Forever Halloween by the Maine

I did not like the list because this album wasn't there. I know it sounds dumb, but this album deserved to be at least number 10. This and Vessel might be the only albums I'm not biased on in this list because I didn't listen to the Maine until a year ago with Pioneer. I wanted to like this album as much as I liked Pioneer, and initially, I didn't. Forever Halloween was the song that really sold the album for me, and the more that I listened to the rest of the album, the more I loved it. It's just amazing, and they really deserve a lot more praise and recognition for this album, because not only is it their best, but it's just so different from a lot of music now and it's really genuine. I've mentioned how much I love this album about a million times throughout the year and I stand behind that claim. I strongly recommend this album to everyone.

Those were my personal favourite albums of the year that I recommend. I don't listen to many bands, so that's kind of why this list is short. But yeah. Listen to thiese albums, you'll be really happy that you did.
December 7th, 2013 at 11:28pm