I just did something crazy, but I saved someone so it's okay.

Well. What a day, Mibbz. What a day.

I woke up with keyboard face, for one. Guess I never made it to the bed. I'll act like this never happens for now.

So I get up to go get a beer. Just so you know, I never start the day with a drink (and rarely drink at all), but my subconscious told me I'd need one. Don't judge me.

Well, I pop the top and there's a BANG! I jump and spill my beer a little. Bang again, now this time I hear screaming. I toss on my trousers and grab my key, shoot out of my room like a bat outta hell. Down the hall I can hear this girl screaming her heart out. There's two big bags and a large box in the hall in front of the room that the noise was coming from. I wanted to go down there so badly, but I had no weapon or phone. I did it anyway.

The banging stopped when I was about half way down the hallway and this girl is practically tossed out of the room onto her bags. I ran the rest of the way to try to help her up and she practically dissolved into tears. I felt so bad for the girl. I'm looking at her arms and she's just covered in bruises. Her face is all swollen, lip and nose is bloody. I was terrified out my wits to stand outside the room but I just wanted to comfort her. I think I hugged her for about ten minutes before figuring out what was going on.

Come to find she's not only been hurt, but she's also with child. She had the pregnancy test in her pocket. Her boyfriend beat her up and tossed her out because of it. She wanted me to help her carry her things to the lobby but I didn't want her standing out in the open.

I got her to come to my room. Carried her stuff in and gave her come water. Once she calmed down I cleaned her up and asked if she had somewhere to go. She said no and I offered her my place.

She was scared he'd come mess with me or something but whatever, the girls got nowhere to go and nobody to go to. If he comes over here I'm going to beat the shit out of him and then call the cops.

She's taking a shower right now so I gave her some clothes and whatnot. She's still crying. Made her some coffee for when she gets out. There's not much else I can do tonight other than make her a meal and let her get some rest. Maybe tomorrow I'll take her to the church and see if they know somewhere she can go. I really don't mind her staying with me, though.

I'm going to stay up and make sure he doesn't try shit until he checks out in the morning.

Poor lass. I'm feeling like hell for not doing more. I've never seen someone so horrified.
December 10th, 2013 at 08:43am