Cigarettes & Sore Throats

They don't mix well at all and it's a pity, really, because of how much I could use one right about now. It's too early in the morning (almost 8) to be feeling like shit. It's one of those too long days that I absolutely dread, due to working till 10:30 tonight, all while missing Dude and his bed.

It's not that I don't love my job because, let's face it, I do. I just can't fathom having to be up for 17 hours straight. I can't do that without a nap and I can't nap without going home to do so. Home is currently a problem that I'd rather not deal with. I'm sick of the questions and the nagging.

If the stock room at work weren't as small as it is (because it's fucking tiny) I'd nap away in there in a heartbeat! I'd nap while knowing that my coworkers, the ones I get along with, would leave me be. But, alas, I cannot do that.

For now, I'm okay, I'm not too sick. I can down a pain killer, have my gatorade and ultimately chug a Red Bull before I walk into work since it's mostly aches and pains that leave me feeling terrible but, my glob, do I want that cigarette.

Ugh... Is it Friday yet?
December 10th, 2013 at 04:56pm