The day has finally come.

I have now figured out, that no one will ever understand me like my boyfriend does. No one will ever truly like me, and respect my opinions like he does.

I understand now why I don't have friends, or a proper family.

and you know what...

Damn that felt good.

Needed to get this out. People will always tell me I'm an idiot for my opinions or beliefs, because I am 100% not Politically Correct. I don't care about other's feelings. I don't care about other countries or war's. Why? Not because I'm self centred, but because no one would give a flying fuck if it happened to me, so why should I care? People hide behind a fake facade of caring. They give things, and expect change, but thing's never change. Never. It just happens all over again. Circle of life.

I have spent my entire life, caring about other's and trying to be nice, even if I think the person is a total brain dead idiot. I fundraise for charity's and do all sort's of stuff to help others, but in the end, life still fucks me over. So here is what I say to life: KISS MY ASS.

I am done trying to make friends, I am done trying to be nice, I am done conforming to the governing belief that everybody has to hug and cuddle like fucking carebears. This world sucks, and so do I.

You may never like me, You may never remember me, but Trust me; I won't remember you either.

Disclaimer: This is to the world, not anybody in particular anywhere. Except carebears.
Excuse me; I am going to vent on n00bs in Ghosts. I shall 360 kickflip them over the goddamn map.
December 12th, 2013 at 01:19pm