Women Decoded

Do you ever wonder what the fuck goes through a females brain? Well, here's some answers.
1. Don't ever, I mean ever, call your woman a bitch, even if it's just to make them mad. It will make them mad! Calling a girl that only diminishes the respect you have for one another.
2. If she suspects you're cheating, and you aren't, don't get mad. Make her feel safe and secure. It makes a difference!
3. When she asks you if those jeans make her look fat, don't lie. Tell the truth because if she does look fat and you don't tell her, she will never believe your compliments again.
A couple of tips:
-make time for just you and her.
-don't flirt with other girls, it gets around
-forget about her past and she will forget about yours
-remember! Remember things like her birthday, anniversary, etc.
-when she gets jealous, be sweet, not angry
-be appreciative of the things she does, even the little things
-and most of all, give her your full heart, don't just give her pieces of it.

Do you want to add anything? Go ahead! Go to the comments section and say whatever you think the female brain goes through every single day. Feel free!

Angel Blue
December 14th, 2013 at 09:00pm