Katsumi Tells All: More Like Katsumi Rants All About WWE's TLC

Alright so its time for a little Katsumi Tells all and its a Wrestling edition

Last night was TLC which stands for Talbles Ladders and Chairs, but what it should have stood for was tender loving care, even the actual TLC match was kind of a let down sure I get it PG are and all but still this match could have been way better they did well in utalizing all of what they had but it still for me just wasn't what a TLC match should have or could have been a way better match though I did love the small bit of blood we got to see I just don't think that it was brutal enough for an actual TLC match but of course I grew up when guys like Edge and Christian, The Hardys, and the Dudlys where doing TLC stuff..

But lets move on that match wasn't last nights problem the problem was we have a ppv called TLC which has 3 elements to it and you only have one match used all three, I mean come on you had a card with six matched over half if not all should have had a stipulation on it, I'm sure creative gets the blame from most for this but I'm going to blame the boss, I'm sure he wanted everyones focus to be on Randy and Cena but what ended up happaning was a lack luster card with lack luster matchs

And they wonder why people are calling in wanting refunds for ppvs its because a lot of people specially the older genrations have exspectations, and WWE isn't doing their job, and whats sad is now we're on the road to WM officially and ya know I could kind of care less for the first time in years about the ppv or the fueds they could make for it

Back to matchs though I personally felt most of them where horrible specially the Tag and I.C match was so boring me and friends watc the old Abbott and Costello Who's on first video the best two matchs other then the TLC match was Punks and D-Brys and they could have even been better with Stipulations add to them
December 16th, 2013 at 06:41pm