Mental Illness

Recently I've been studying someone as part of my studies at university, someone I found to be quiet to be quite interesting in my lectures. She's a quiet student, or shows herself to be a quiet person which intrigued me a lot. During my studies of her, I've found out a lot about her. She came from quiet a wealthy background and had a lot going for her. She wanted for nothing. She had everything and was very much the 'posh' type as she put it. The main thing I found out was that she pretends to have a few mental health problems or disorders of the sort.

After several weeks of studying her, I noticed she had multiple scratches on her arm. So I asked her about them, she was quite open and replied with the following:

They're just simple scratches. They don't scar, they just lead people to think I hurt myself. I don't do it because I feel the need to. I don't do it because I'm depressed or anything of the sort. But I do this to get attention, to have people feel sorry for me. I pretend to have anxiety, I have pretend to suffer from mild depression as well as suicidal thoughts and self harm. I do not suffer from any of the things at all, I do it to fit in with people. The reality of it, it's a trend and a fashion. I want to be involved in the latest trend. I want to be fashionable.

To say this shocked me was an understatement. It always infuriated me to the extreme. Mental illness is not a trend nor is it fashionable. These sorts of things ruin people lives. I myself suffer from a a couple of mental illness as well as having a panic disorder. This creates my life to be hell and to see people do it for a 'trend' or because it's 'fashionable' really sickens me. I also have a friend that suffers with a few things herself, which has caused her to quit her job, stop talking with her friends and stops her from living her life.

Mental illness is not something to joke about or pretend you suffer from it. They are real issues, that require real treatment. I've come to realise that people who suffer from mental illness are afraid to get help, people have turned it into a thing that is not taken seriously enough. People who suffer from mental illness are branded 'attention seekers'. They are not attention seekers, they have real problems that need to be taken seriously before it becomes to late.

If you suffer from mental illness's, don't be afraid to talk to someone or get help. You can get the help, people are out there willing to help. Don't be afraid to go get it. If you suffer, don't be afraid to talk to someone. Stay strong, you can get through it. It will take time to overcome things, but with the right help you can achieve it.

If anyone ever needs someone to talk to about things, you can always message me. If you need to vent, message me. Or if you simply just need a friend, message me. I will try to help you the best I can.

Stay strong, you can do it beautiful. I love you all.

~ Charlie x
December 19th, 2013 at 11:00pm