Being praised for being a virgin over twenty

This has happened once before but I didn't think anything of it since the first person to ever know I was still a virgin at twenty, was a teen. But today my coworkers at my current job found out.

It just came up in conversation and before it even got to sex and what not, I found out that these people are all in their thirties and they don't even look it! They all look my age!

Anyways though, it was me, two other girls and one guy. And the guy asked me about my love life since apparently I am so quiet and he didn't know what to talk to me about. He is all about star signs and said he never met a Taurus who was so quiet. I think that right there is a sign that he shouldn't take those things seriously.

Anyways though I told him i don't have a love life and one of the girls said I didn't have to tell him anything and then he got on the topic of sex and that is when they all found out I was still a virgin and then they asked how old I was and I told them I was twenty one and they all said that's good and they were proud of me.

Not that I ever thought it was a bad thing but still to be praised for maintaining my V-card through my teens, i guess it's a big deal or something? They all started talking about the age they lost theirs and such and told me not to give my "cookies" away to just anyone.

I'm not going to wait until I'm married but yeah I can see where they are coming from. I would like to be in a two year relationship before anything happens.


But it is nice to here things like that rather than "what are you waiting for?" "There's something wrong with you" and what not.

Not that I have ever heard anything like that either because this is the second conversation and the second group of people who know I am still a virgin since it doesn't come up a lot thank goodness.

But yeah, I don't get why people who are twenty and over post things like- I'm twenty something and am still a virgin, am I pathetic?

Those things get on my last nerve.
December 20th, 2013 at 12:09am