I'm Losing My Mind

I really do think I'm losing my mind right now. Let me explain.

I currently live on my own in a 2 bedroom apartment not far from my university. It's a nice little place, quite new as well. Now it's early hours of the morning, which I'm currently sat at my desk in the spare room typing out an assignment which is due in today (I'm behind, oops). Anyway I heard a loud band coming from the kitchen, I went to investigate and try to determine the source of the noise. I looked around my kitchen, everything was in place and the doors to the mini balcony were shut as they always are at this time of night. I shrugged it off and went back to carry on with this god forsaken assignment.

Then it happened again. The loud bang. Once again I got up to investigate and once again everything was normal. Sighing I thought it must of been someone in either the apartment beside me or the apartment above me. So once again, I returned to my desk and continued working. Only to hear the noise again. I was beginning to get irritated so I put some music on, not too loud but loud enough to make whoever was banging in the other apartments to shut the hell up at this time.

So there was I working away, singing along to my music when it suddenly stopped. I pressed play, thinking it was just being a bit jumpy. Minutes later, it stopped again and then came the loud bang. This happened about 5 minutes ago.

I'm either losing my mind or I'm losing mind.

- Charlie x
December 20th, 2013 at 03:55am