As Soon as I Leave Town

As soon as I leave town, I become a total bitch. And I don't mean your regular "get outta my face I wanna go home" kind of bitch, I mean the "don't talk to me, you're lucky enough to be at home having fun and it makes me want to kill everyone including myself" kind of bitch.

Having a friendly conversation with my friends on twitter? Let's be a bitch and force serious topics about responsibility onto them when all they want is to have fun.

What about when a boy finally like my friend and I've never had anyone like me that way? Let's be a bitch and make it impossible for them to hang out and remind her that I'm the less fortunate of us now because I'm alone forever.

Can't fess up and apologize? Let's just be a bitch and blog about it.

Sorry. Had to get that out there.
December 26th, 2013 at 06:51am