Weird Mibba Error//Rebellious Story Trailer

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas!

Well I don't usually write blogs on here but I decided to do one today. I have been getting weird errors whenever I post and I'm wondering if you have gotten them also. Sometimes when I write some and I hit save or post it comes out wrong and looking similar to this:

If I want to post the following sentence with a link like this:

Check out the latest story Cherry Pie

Instead of looking like that as a link it comes out like this:

Cherry Pie[-->/ url] (something like that but with that annoying arrow --->)

What is that? Is it the site? or am I doing something wrong when I'm typing?

that error has never happened to me before but please if you have experienced that let me know.

In another note, I am learning to make story video trailers and I actually made my first today. I know it is not amazing or anything good like other trailers I've seen around because it is my first trailer but I am willing to learn and continue to work with them because it is fun!

Please let me know what you think. I made this trailer for my original story Rebellious.

December 29th, 2013 at 02:08am