I'm Sorry Mibba!

I'm really sorry I've been neglecting Mibba recently but I do have a valid excuse. With university over for the holiday's I'm back home with my husband-to-be & let's put it this way, he doesn't like me on sites like this. He's very jealous & protective, maybe even possessive/abusive so I don't want to give him an excuse to have a pop at me.

Once I'm back at university, I will be on more but until then I can only try to get on when he's not around which is almost impossible because he watches me like a hawk & is literally watching my every move.

I'm really sorry guys, hope everyone had a christmas. If I don't get on before the New Year, all of you have a fabulous New Year & I'll see you all in 2014.

Love you all,

December 29th, 2013 at 03:25am