Rp’s Christmas Giveaway Stories’ Reviews

Hello Mibbians!

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season. Only two days left to say hello to 2014. I wish that this year will bring you lots of happiness and blessings.

Now to the purpose of this blog: as a Christmas Giveaway gift, some Mibbians chose one story to be reviewed and recommended here on my blog so here are the following:

*I read each of the following stories and the review was written by my opinion as a reader.*


Story: Legends of Light
Author: Shayney92
Type: Original Fiction
Rating: PG-13
Review: This story is full of adventure as the two main characters go around their way to find out what is truly happening outside their kingdom in which the soldiers have kept it a secret. It’s amazing how the author describes their routine in such an old fashion way that automatically transports you to the setting of the story’s century time. The author is new to Mibba, and deserves our welcome and splendid support as this story captivates the attention of readers that love this type of adventures. As the author expresses in the summary, in each chapter you will unfold a piece of a big puzzle.

Story: Change
Author: Death The Angel
Type: Original Fiction
Rating: R
Review: This is a mini series in which each chapter is written as a drabble type. It is very interesting because it is told in the point of view of the main character, Greg. It is a very realistic description of what we often think in a daily basis. It teaches us that we need to believe in ourselves in order to change our ways for a better purpose.

Story: Child’s Play
Author: Zacky Vengeance;
Type: Fan Fiction (Avenged Sevenfold)
Rating: NC-17
Review: The story is about a 29 year old man diagnostic with a syndrome that makes him act and live like a 5 year old boy. His body is that of an adult but his heart, mind and soul are that of a child. Brian and Zacky are a married couple, that has many dark secrets. They are traced with the opportunity to adopt Matthew Sanders as an experiment of Dr. Seward who each day suspects there is something wrong in the couple’s household. This story is full with suspense and originality as the writer portrays through her writing different emotional states of each of the characters.

Story: The Cell on the Left
Author: Harleen.
Type: Fan Fiction (Loki)
Rating: R
Review: Loki is arrested in a cell and meets a female that seems to hide some sort of secret. It describes exactly what she is feeling since it is written in her point of view. It only has one chapter but so far that’s what I sense of this story. The first chapter alone makes the reader intrigue and to wanting more.

Story: Sweet Little Sub
Author: Rath
Type: Fan Fiction (Avenged Sevenfold)
Rating: NC-17
Review: Mikaela, who is the main character of the story, lives the BDSM style as a sub for a very untrusting Dom named Marcos. Being his slave hasn’t been easy for her until Master Shadows comes back to her life. It describes Mikaela’s emotion to the fullest in which entails some sort of fear and suffering being Marcos’s sub. Knowing Mikaela, Shadows knows something is wrong and worries about her because deep inside he knows he cares for her more than just a slave.

Story: The Heart of the Warmest Soul
Author: January Rose
Type: Original Fiction
Rating: G
Review: Three children get lost in winter time and walk until they find a house where they meet a married couple gladly to help. This is a one shot full of hope and faith. It is one of the most beautiful stories I have read on here. It’s very well written and in one simple chapter the author managed to describe the way the middle child felt as they were lost in the cold air of winter and lost in the world as they had no family left only themselves. It brings out a great message of how love towards others and towards God conquers all. I I don’t want to tell you more because I will love for you to read it and find out what happens in the end, which will clearly make you fall in love with it like I did.

Feel free to go show some love to these amazing writers and their stories!

Love always, RP
December 29th, 2013 at 10:59pm