Achievements, Failures, Resolutions, & Everything in Between [2014, here we come!]

2013 has been a good year, a bad year, a tough year, and a year that I've really tried to come out of my bubble and reach past the lines of my comfort zone. I've had a lot of trial and error moments, but I have survived thankfully!


-I became close friends with a young woman from Uzbekistan. She has been a great support system in the last couple of months.

-I signed up for "conversation partners" and was assigned a partner from Korea by the name of Chloe.

-I've actually made a lot of good acquaintances and even some friends this year.

-I got all As and Bs this semester. Party over here, whoop whoop!

-I got my first official job and actually really like it.

-Won some money on T.J. in barrels.

-Started to improve my wardrobe and dress more like a girl

-Won high point for the year at the local horseshow.

-Rode Mom's old barrel horse, Cutter, at one of the horseshows. Had a blast!

-Overcame my fear of getting on a horse again

-Became better at German

-Am now able to identify six members of EXO without any help.

-Discovered 2PM and fell in love with them.

-Changed my ultimate bias from Yunho the Gorgeous to Junsu the Perfect

-Finished some of my stories for once in my lifetime...-.-

As far as failures go:
I didn't lose weight like I hoped,
I haven't always been as good of a friend as I want to be,
after T.J. and I won some money we went downhill again,
I have given up on trying to find a man; instead I have Nikki and Junsu and I'm totes okay with this ::snob:,
had several emotional breakdowns
became more distant in the relationship with my mother...

There's more, but its best to think on the positive rather than the negative, correct? So its resolution time, ladies and gents!

-Finish all the stories that I have not completed yet! Or at least 98% of them.

-Become a better friend and Christian

-Try to be a better aunt

-Shoot harder for my dreams. They're not going to come true on their own.

-Lose weight. My super sporty/athletic cousin is coming to my college this semester so hopefully she'll kick me into shape.

-Study harder in my classes/work harder at work

-Get T.J. solid on barrels and get Stryder started on them pretty decently.

-Be more responsible, active, hard working all around.

-Continue to improve my wardrobe and dress more like a girl because I'm really starting to like it.

-Get involved with more on campus

-Be more social/make more friends. You can't ever have enough connections.

I'd also like to marry Junsu and meet Nikki and other Mibba people, but that's not looking real possible right now. -.-

What are some of your New Years Resolutions? Think you'll keep them?

-Aydios, lovelies! Hope you have a very Happy New Year!
December 31st, 2013 at 07:11pm