Dom/Fertile: Who? What? Where? Why? HOW?

I just. Just.

Can someone please explain to me the constant occurrence of dominant/fertile fictions? Does it extend past Frerard fan fictions, or is it only in this fandom that it’s literally everywhere? I tried researching it, but nothing came up. I’m just so beyond fed up with them. It’s not that I really mind the idea, I just don’t get where the hell they come from. Did someone write it as their own universe, only to have the idea swept away by writers—particularly Frerard writers, apparently? Almost every vampire fiction on here is a dom/fertile.

Why has it become so normal?

I understand someone thinking, “Okay, I’m gonna sit down and take time out of my day to write a high school AU,” or even, “Time to write my first coffee shop fic!” Being a writer of fan fiction myself, I will admit that I’ve fallen into some of those groups, but I try to change it up a bit or put a new spin on it. I’m not trying to be a bitch and rag on dom/fertile writers—I just want to know why it’s become such a common thing. Is there some “grand d/f fiction” that surpasses all others and causes the craze, with quality equal to “A Splitting of the Mind”? That for some reason I haven’t heard of or seen anywhere?

Why? Just tell me why. That’s all I need to know.

I am about to go someplace that may mystify you. If that’s the case, I’m truly sorry.

Let’s say I wrote a beautiful, awe-inspiring story where Space-Cadet Gerard meets Alien Frank on the strange but enchanting planet of… um, Christmas Tree(?). It gets big in the fandom and I have a few people ask me if they can take this world and expand it, so, being who I am, I say yes.

And then it happens.

The Christmas Tree explosion—suddenly everyone is writing Christmas Tree fics, changing things up a little but otherwise keeping it pretty much similar to what I already wrote.


You take this world and you run with it—okay, that’s fine. Someone a long time ago made a world with vampires and we ran with it. But dom/fertile is some lame little subgroup of vampires. It’s hardly even a good idea. Like the Christmas Tree Planet. Not really that great of an idea. You might as well write a story about space exploration instead—just like you might as well write a story with your own twist on vampires.

What do you guys think? Do you know where dom/fertiles stem from? Can you tell me if they only exist in the Frerard fandom, or do they surpass the walls and infect other worlds, too?

Oh, yeah, and JUST TELL ME WHY.
January 5th, 2014 at 08:04am