dogs unleashed

not very convinced with the title of this. putting pierce the veil story on a long hiatus.. i dont know. im just not digging them at the moment and i just recently got back into tokio hotel. so lame i know but i dont know.. and then i tried to find all of my tokio hotel stories from EVERY website i even posted on and well... i deleted EVERYTHING FROM EVERYWHERE!! at least from what i remember. i used to write soooo much and well everything is GONE... BUT i still remember one story that stood out because it was one story that i ACTUALLY completed all the way and didnt stop midway. so i think im gonna redo that story from what i can remember. i do recall lots of comments and stuff that it was a good story but i was like 16/17 so im pretty sure i can make it better now. woop. so lets see how far i can get before baby wakes up.
January 5th, 2014 at 05:44pm