January Original Story Recommendations.

It's 2014 and I'm starting up a monthly thing now of this. Each month I'll do a list of recommendations of stories in the original category, I'll also list the authors in a separate list along with two other stories of theirs. In the original recommendations I will also include drabbles etc. Sorry if this is confusing but you'll get the gist of it.

Story Recommendations

Broken Pieces
Shatter Heart
Her Black Cross
Flames In Heaven

Author Recommendations


End Note

I hope you all check out my recommendations, they are all fabulous writers and I love their stories. Each month I will recommend different ones, so if you guys have any recommendations (original only!) I'll be happy to check them out and you never know, they might get a mention in next months recommendations!

Also I'd love to be interviewed by one of you or maybe interview one of you. So if this appeals to you drop me a message and we'll talk about it.

Much love! :)
January 7th, 2014 at 08:32pm