The "Bikini-Bridge" is a dangerous trend followed by many teens

All people of our wonderful generation know the delights of the internet. It has made all of our favorite memes, such as "Troll Face", "Y U NO", and "Forever Alone". It has made us laugh our hearts off all over Tumblr, Facebook, and even deviantART. Positive things have even happened because of the internet as well. Think of how it gave so many oppressed people speech. It gave them all a voice to speak into so that they can end their oppression. Feminist bloggers like me can communicate quickly with other like minded people to help change the world for the better, and i think that slowly and surely we are. However, there are some people that I honestly think just like to cause trouble.

A certain website had the sick idea to take something they call "The Bikini-Bridge", and make it trend on all sorts of websites. Straight from Know Your Meme, a Bikini Bridge is a "... slang term used to describe a horizontal line that is formed on a woman’s bikini bottoms as a result of the suspended gap between the bikini and the lower abdomen". In layman's terms it is the gap formed when someones bikini rests on their hipbones, but no where else. Like this.


Forcing this type of fat-shaming, the media only perpetuates the idea that girls need to have unrealistic goals for their body. I mean, that picture is probably been put through photoshop! That is so unhealthy it is unbelievable.

This group of people want nothing but trouble. I know it is a joke, and so do some others, but what about those that don't? Do they want MORE girls to be depressed and possibly suicidal about their bodies because of this picture! Honestly, some people just don't think about others. Children these days have access to all sorts of amazing things on the internet, however, because of that, these cruel and evil things need to be stopped.

Women are beautiful at any size. But what they are making girls do, is just unhealthy. I'd much rather be my natural 190lbs than that sickening 5lbs. When i was younger i struggled with anorexia for quite some time. And if i had to blame something, it would be all the media that tells me its unhealthy to be big. The media that tells me to be happy i have to be skinny. Well, ill be much happier eating this cheeseburger than you are while you're dieting! >:3

This trend needs attention. It needs attention so that everyone can know how fake it is, and we can put an end to it for good! Think about how far Women's rights have come. Porn depicting rape is now illegal in the UK. Way to go UK! (As expected from the country that brought us Doctor Who). They realized how cruel and evil the porn industry is, and is slowly working to take it down all together. I mean, how sick is it that some guys actually get off to girls being raped? It is disgusting.

Let us come together for the good of all Women everywhere, just like they did in the UK, and finally put an end to the Bikini-bridge. Once, and for all.
January 9th, 2014 at 01:09am