New Story Idea - Would anyone read this?

So my favorite move is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and recently I randomly got the idea to do a kind of spin-off for it. The only thing I would use from the movie is Lacuna Inc. which is the company in the movie that erases people's memories of loved ones.

So this is my story idea:

A young woman will begin working at Lacuna as the new receptionist, also willingly knowing that she is going to be a test subject. So weekly or maybe monthly she'll have a specific portion (or person) of her memories erased. (I'm still working on the details.)

So this will be a fanfiction, and I was thinking about using Misha Collins as the main male in this story.


I just love him. ::tehe. This is tentative though. I may change who I use.. but I don't know yet. I'm still trying to figure out how this story would work.

The receptionist would interact a lot with Misha, and he'd probably be the one that is constantly removed from her memories.

So basically, that's what I have so far. It will probably be a while before I seriously write this and post it, but I figured I'd see if anyone would even be interested in it.

Let me know what you think!
January 10th, 2014 at 07:46pm