I Need Help With My Studies.

While I was in my lectures yesterday, I took my folder with all my notes, ideas and all my planning along with my first two chapters of my horror/thriller original story. Now I didn't realise that I had left the folder in my psychology class.

This morning my psychology tutor came to my residence and talked to me about it. She had read all of it, all my notes, ideas and everything else in the folder. She were quite intrigued about it, about what was going through my mind to write it. If I'm honest I couldn't answer her, I don't know what's going on in my mind for me to draw up this story. I like dark stories, that's the best thing I could say to her. Anyway, she asked me if I could write up an entire case study based on the aspects of fear but I was a little nervous at first because I don't have anyone to study for this project she's given me.

Would anyone allow me to go over the topic of fear with them? To study what scares you, why it scares you and everything else in between and beyond? I'd quite like it and you'd be helping me out so much with my studies. If you don't want your name mentioning them we can always change it or just not mention it at all. Of course, if I'm studying you we'll discuss things properly about the whole project.

January 11th, 2014 at 03:25pm