Appearently I live in Arendelle now.

Seriously though, the Maritimes usually get hit really hard with storms, it's nothing new, we get some of the highest amounts of snow throughout Canada because of our location near the water. (But Vancouver never does, I don't know why)

This year though, I've been trapped either in my house or in my room because of the ice and snow. There's people skating in their driveways, sledding down main street, but you can't get the cars of the buses out on the roads. In the city where I go to school the cabs have stopped running because of the storm.

The irony of all of this is I only had one plan for this evening. We were going to see Frozen. And we can't. Because of the ice. So we can't make it to the theatre, so we can't get to Elsa, because of the ice.

And this is the story where I realized I am Anna in more than one way. She is my spirit animal. (Also, I tried to get up the hill and it just wasn't happening but there was no cute little snow man to help me and tell me about the stairs, nor was there a lovable dork of an ice deliverer to help me get the heck out my university campus.

So... This story didn't have much point I guess, but it does let you know, if anyone out there still cares, that I'm still alive and the lack of heat in my residence, the former lack of internet and telephone service, and my potentially crazy neighbour haven't killed me yet!
January 11th, 2014 at 10:21pm