"I just watched Deb argue with a customer over 50 cents."

So, I realize we all have our days of not wanting to deal with crabby customers and their haggling for every red cent that they can. They get in your face and act like you're the one that purposely programmed the wrong price into the register. They jump the gun when they could politely point out that the price is different than the one they saw on the shelf.

But people don't always do that. And it sucks. And it makes you feel angry when people snap off at you, especially when they make you feel stupid about it at the same time.

But to argue, loudly, with someone who is in your place of employment, spending money that will help the store stay open so that you can stay employed, why would you stand and argue with them and NOT EVEN OFFER to change/adjust the price or to check the shelf tag and then do so?

As a supervisor, I get extremely annoyed with people who try to make the girls that work under me feel like crap. I hate having to cater to them.

But to scream at them, over fifty cents, is not worth it.

Apparently not to one of the women I work with though...


How is everyone?
January 12th, 2014 at 02:50am