I Need Your Guys Help. Seriously Don't Just Gloss Over This. All I Need Is Two Letters...Please?

Okay please note, even if you know jack about what I am talking about I am basing this whole thing on looks. One of my stories is a Sci Fy romance where a Space Elf and a Human crash on a deserted planet and have to stick together to survive. THen they fall in love as they adjust to the idea of being stuck there forever. However I am stuck on which human to use. So I need you input based on looks and which one you would rather like to read about.

All of this takes place in the Warhammer 40K universe (remember you don't have to know anything about this). IN this universe the Space Elves are called Eldar. The Humans have basically two different types, Imperial Guardsmen and Space Marines. Space Marines are nine feet tall and basically are massive death machines. WHile the Imperial Guardsmen are just simply humans with cardboard armor.

So here is my space elf.

Who should she end up with? YOu can even just put SM or IG.

The Space Marine?

or the Guardsmen?

Please vote. Remember all you have to do is just put IG or SM
January 15th, 2014 at 06:44am