so i'm gonna try to use this blogging feature thingy?


i've only used this blog thing once but i deleted that old blog and now i'm gonna try this thing again. i made a layout and everything.

i know i don't really socialize here on mibba very often so here's the deal. i want to make friends with people whether you're from tumblr or not. for the most part i communicate via tumblr, especially when it's around fic. so! i guess basically this is my "hey how ya doin" blog.

for those who don't know my name's marina and i'm 19 and live in san francisco. i've been writing for basically a billion years but writing bdsm for probably 5, almost 6 years. other than you me at six i like bring me the horizon and architects and all time low but i only really write in the ymas fandom. i watch the walking dead but don't talk to me about hershel greene i haven't processed that yet. and i like horror movies. i'm a real life femdom so i do bdsm stuff for my job. my ~dream~ is basically to work at the armory which is the biggest bdsm dungeon in san francisco and a porn studio so there's that. i already have friends there so there's that too.

i feel like i'm being boring. most of here are you for fic anyway? so yeah i'm about to post one that's been up on my ao3 for awhile but not here. so i hope you guys like crossdressing stuff.

and yeah!! feel free to say hello in the comments (◡‿◡✿)
January 17th, 2014 at 04:17am