Oh My Gosh

My life is spiraling out of control. Literally.

I feel like I don't have time for anything. It really sucks. I try to do so many things, and it's really hard. My GPA is a 3.8 and that is low to me. It honestly makes me feel like a failure. I've tried so much to keep that precious 4.0 and now it's like no matter how much I study, I can't get my B's up to an A. And I know that's like the least of my worries, but it stresses me out.

Not to mention, I have like no time anymore. Between Church, Quizbowl, BPA, FCCLA, Student Council, and God only knows what else, I try to relax. I recently learned to crochet, and it relaxes me. But I miss writing, but at the same time I've no idea where to pick back up. I feel like if I start something I won't have time for other things.

If I do start writing again, I wonder if I should try to pick back up on my old story, or start something new and fresh.

Blah. Besides all that nonsense, things seem to suck right now. I mean, my mom's car's engine was literally falling out because the mounts busted off. Yippee.

And my uncle took a crazy fit on us the other day and told us to GTFO of his house. Ha, we'll be awaiting an eviction notice. I doubt he would evict us though. He ended up fleaing to his girlfriend's house. I think he was ashamed to be honest. He said some awful things, and I did too, but for a second, I really thought he was going to hit me. I was kind of scared. That's really an awful feeling to have...to be scared of your family. Some you are so close to, and believe in like you believe the sun rises.

My friend's are kind of distant lately. I've recently claimed some religion, and they seem to think less of me for it. I'm not cool enough to be their friend anymore. But, whatever. I'm getting over it, I have other friends who actually accept me. But you know, it's strange how the people who are closest to you turn their backs on you the fastest.

Ahh, life, why are you such a b*tch?
January 18th, 2014 at 03:58am