I've a Message for You Mibbans. Yes, You.

Only certain ones, you know the ones that seem hellbent on destroying people on here. The ones who don't have the guts to post where everyone can see what they're saying, but they'll PM me and heckle me. I'm sorry you think that I'm shallow for posting a blog about my favorite characters, or that I'm incapable of writing a good story because I needed some help, or my favorite that I am a "selfish fucktard" for not talking about real problems or that I have a superiority complex for releasing my notes to those who wanted me to release them about outlining the plot for one of my stories so they could get some help.

I'm sorry you never actually read my story Judgement Day which has 57 comments, 24 recs, and is a Sci-Fy story in a fandom NOBODY writes about, but yet still feel it necessary to tell me I am a shitty writer for it. Really, what do you want me to do? Stop being me and write about MCR and Fallout Boy? (No disses to those who write about them, you go guys!)

I'm tired of you guys existing to start drama and I'm calling you out on your crap. I'm tired of you guys who think I'm a terrible human being for posting and being true to myself. So this is my last warning, fuck off.

Sorry for the rant guys I'm really fed up right now. Also like I stated I'm calling those out who PM me random stuff and then never actually comment on my things because they're too scared of being reported. Well I won't report you, but note, this is me calling you out. COntinue to heckle me and I will. Peace.
January 18th, 2014 at 06:14am