Females In Pop And My Fave Songs Right Now!!

So firstly, I don't mean any disrespect to any of the celebrities mentioned and if you feel differently from my opinions below, that's totally cool. =) I won't judge you for liking/disliking certain things.

I want to address how much I'm really enjoying Miley Cyrus' music lately. Which is kind of funny since she used to annoy me so much. A lot of it was because my little sister grew up watching Hannah Montana like RELIGIOUSLY. I got so tired of hearing it day in and day out.

Miley's career was made thanks to her role on Hannah Montana. Tons of little girls loved that show and looked up to her. I understand how some people made a fuss over when she decided to leave her childhood ways behind and act more.......adult-like. While I know some of you don't agree with how far she's gone or the way she acts, that's okay. At first I was judgmental about it but not a ton or anything. It didn't shock me like it did everyone else because I've seen this all before.

Let's not forget Brittney Spears, Christina and that whole teeny bopper stage. I am a 90's child. I'm twenty seven years old so when Brittney first came out, I was around twelve years old. I was a pre-teen. I hadn't even gotten my period yet. I remember "Baby, One More Time," coming on MTV. I felt excited and dancing around to the song with Brittney was fun for me. The songs were catchy and easy to sing along to. The same with Christina's songs. Brittney and Christina both wore basic jeans and exercise pants and then a halter top and a sports bra in their first videos. They didn't dance around extremely provocative then. The videos were more innocent in some people's opinion. Then as time went on, they both started dressing more sexy and being more provocative.

They were simply exploring their sexuality and becoming women. While I know some of us feel maybe it was a bit raunchy, how can we really judge these women? The only difference in Brittney, Christina or any other woman in show business is, these women have had their rise to adulthood publicized on television. I mean how many of you have met girls in real life who are provocative and dress more sexy? I've met a few. So of course when females are in media they will be more ridiculed and what not.

Singers like Brittney, Christina, Miley and others were girls like me and you at one time. You, me, them.....we've all tried to discover our sexuality and what we like. They just have had theirs plastered in public for everyone to see and judge. While some people say these artists aren't as talented as others and are just selling sex, maybe they are or aren't but they are still people with a dream.

Just because they choose to behave differently or act sexily on their way to their dream shouldn't matter. I've been doing a lot of self improving and I'm learning to not be so judgmental, myself. It's easy to make wise cracks at celebrities and judge them but just because they are in the public eye doesn't mean that they don't have feelings or that they don't get offended by the shit people say.

If you do judge people or celebrities I'm not looking down on you. To each his own. I just feel bad for doing it, personally. I hate that I'm automatically negative about things. I guess I'm what they call a pessimist? I'm working on it though. =) I grew up in a negative, religious, republican household so I've always struggled to NOT be like that. It's still a battle I'm fighting unfortunately.

Back to Miley Cyrus. Lady Gaga....when she came out on the scene....she was automatically embracing her womanhood and sexuality and didn't care what people thought. People accepted that because that's how she always was in the beginning. People are more shocked by Miley because she didn't used to be like that.

People viewed her as a giddy teen doing innocent kid things. People change. No that doesn't mean these girls should strip off all their clothes and have sex in public.....but I just don't see why people chose to take the Miley hate as far as they have. I mean if they don't agree with her behavior then why say anything about it at all? But I'm not into telling people what to say and not say so yet again, to each his or her own.

I just really enjoy Miley's new sound. The Bangerz record has really let us hear how much her voice has matured. I know some people think she comes off as some wild and crazy girl who's not serious about anything.....but there are some really amazing, more serious songs on the album. Wrecking Ball of course covered issues from relationships and such. I felt that song was really intense and pretty brilliant.

I've just recently heard the song "Adore You." That song is BEAUTIFUL. Her voice sounds so smooth and clear. The lyrics and the song itself is heartwarming. To me, these songs feel like she really put a lot of emotion into them and she poured herself into them. So I may not agree with everything she does in her personal life, but I'm enjoying where she's at musically. It's a very strange feeling to end up loving something you've been avoiding for the longest time.

As for my favorite songs right now....I'm kind of happy because I keep finding new music I actually like and that makes me smile. I've always been kind of music Bi-Polar....meaning my mood changes a lot which means my music taste changes a lot. I can go from opera to death metal to pop to techno. So below are my current favorite songs that I discovered.

The 1975=Chocolate.
I LOVE this song! I think the singer is kind of cute too.....but the song itself refers to some things that I can relate to in my personal life. Plus I think they have a unique sound.

Miley Cyrus=Adore You.
Already covered that above.

Macklemore=White Walls.
This song is awesome lol. I've just recently discovered that I like Macklemore. He's a pretty cool dude who seems to stay true to himself. Plus....who doesn't like a nice song about Cadillacs? I've owned one and know the appeal of them. ^_^

I LOVE me some eminem. Been into him since the beginning and love how he speaks his mind. He's brilliant in my opinion. One of my role models.

I enjoy how the song promotes equality and talks about how we're all the same even though we are different. I like her voice too.

LOL. This song makes me laugh. I've never been a huge R.Kelly fan but there's enough auto tune in there plus the lyrics and beat are amusing and enjoyable to me.

Sevyn Streeter=It won't stop.
This song is pretty awesome. Chris Brown is on the track and their voices combined are lovely. She has a pretty sweet voice and she's just starting to get on the scene.

So yeah....these are just a few songs. Don't forget that GHOST BC is awesome and AVENGED SEVENFOLD is STILL my favorite band of all time lol. Suicide Silence too. I'm excited because Eddie Hermida!!!! Eddie Hermida and Suicide Silence. Yep.

OHHH DON'T FORGET....ROCK ON THE RANGE! Who's going? I am. I've already decided that I don't care if I get hurt....I WILL GET TOWARDS THE STAGE AND GET THE CLOSE UP PICS OF BRIAN AND MATT or else I won't go home lol. I'm NOT leaving without amazing pictures. Yep. That's all. Good bye lovelies.
January 18th, 2014 at 07:04pm