cam girl adventures wow

so for those of you who don't know i'm a dominatrix as in that's my job. i get paid to be a dom.

i do this on clips4sale which is a porn site where you can sell short clips and i'm not naked in them i just do POV stuff like the viewer is my male sub and it's basically a bunch of dirty talking.

but now i'm doing that live webcam cam girl stuff. so i'm gonna start domming on there with actual guys.

i went on for the first time tonight and the first guy in is just like DURR SHOW TITS. so i told him off. had about a dozen people in my room and some guy started a private chat with me where he was jerking off so i told him his dick was pathetic and he started jerking off harder hah. then i had to tell off a dude for calling me the wrong honorary (i use goddess and princess instead of mistress). and i had a sissy boi come in so i talked to "her" for a bit. made some money.

i have to wait till i make $50 to get a check, but i think i can get there pretty quick if i keep going on nightly.

and uh that's it. i'm gonna go write a bit now.
January 20th, 2014 at 10:55am